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306 South High Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Concerned with an authentic and faithful interpretation of regional Italian cuisine and influenced by his native Southern Italian experience, Chef / Owner Aldo Vitale's culinary philosophy centers chiefly on the premise of simplicity.

Using only fresh, seasonal ingredients, his subtle and delicately-balanced style of cuisine is influenced greatly by Chef Aldo's belief that the inherent virtues of a dish's dominant flavors should be forthright and clear on the palate, while at the same time in harmony with the few, carefully-selected ingredients that compliment the dish.

Chef Aldo's honest approach to food and its preparation allows Guests to enjoy a dining experience that leaves them feeling satisfied rather than overindulged due to the excessive use of heavy ingredients such as cream and butter -- ingredients that mask the true essence of a carefully-balanced meal.

His preference for natural and organic ingredients leads to close working relationships with local farmers and purveyors to ensure each ingredient meets Chef Aldo's exacting standards. A menu that changes regularly to take full advantage of seasonal ingredients such as Italian white truffles from Alba also allows Chef Aldo the opportunity to use a variety of house-made products such as house-cured pancetta and soppressata, house-pickled vegetables, and herbs that are grown on premises, at his residence, or by farmers that Chef Aldo has personally selected and with whom he has a close rapport.

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A 20% Percent Gratuity is Added to Parties of Six or More Guests | All Parties will be Billed on a Single Check
** Those Allergic to Nuts or Nut Products Should Kindly Inform A Waiter, As We Deep-Fry in Peanut Oil **
Shared Portions Incur A Supplementary Charge of $6 | Please Refrain from Using Mobile Phones in the Dining Rooms
Consuming Raw, Uncooked or Sous-Vide Meats, Poultry, Pork, Shellfish or Eggs May Increase Your Chances of Foodborne Illness


306 South High Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Reservations: 410/727.0700
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